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Women’s HERstory Series – Christina Aldan


Christina Aldan is a highly successful media maven, with over 9 years’ experience in the digital advertising realm. She is regarded for her advanced skills in web design, social media and creative content for small and micro businesses. In addition to operating her own digital advertising business, Christina also teaches a broad spectrum of courses, ranging from utilizing the full potential of a personal computer and applications to building web pages and social media campaigns.

Christina is constantly in demand as a public speaker by corporations, small businesses and specialty groups. She has presented various aspects of her expertise at such prestigious events as: CataylstCreativ, The AT&T DevSummit, Geek Girl Conference, 1 Million Cups, The Sage Summit, Bloomberg Radio, Beasley Broadcasting, Lotus Broadcasting, BCNtalk, PR Connections, The Crown Me Queen Conference, The Downtown Podcast and several live local news shows. She also makes time to serve local community organizations, including Project AngelFaces, Never Give Up Foundation and OCA Las Vegas.

Q1 My woman’s intuition. Learning how to listen to my inner voice has saved my butt countless times. One of my favorite quotes is from C.S. Lewis:
“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” I try to remember that when listening to my woman’s intuition. I check in with myself to make sure my motive and intent are not strictly self-serving or motivated by fear and then I move forward with brevity and integrity in making decisions, using the best tools I know.

Q2 I am not able to think of any responsibility I would hand over with no problem; not to a man, or anyone else. I think both sexes have their challenges, and I wouldn’t wish my challenges on anyone else, nor would I feel equipped to take on anyone else’s experiences of the world. We all have a unique perspective. Influencing factors such as ethnicity, education, culture, sex, etc. are a part of that unique worldview which shapes our society. I celebrate the differences between men and women (and ethnicities, education, cultures) and I think that by integrating their strengths and challenges into a workable system, our society will be able to overcome obstacles faster and live more harmoniously. With the state of our American society today, we are witnessing the “traditional” roles and responsibilities of men and women to be fairly interchangeable (albeit, with some exceptions like childbirth), based on the interests of the individual. For example, in technology, if women want to become coders, then the tools and resources are available for them to hone their skills. They might stand out in fields that are traditionally male-dominated, and they may face a different set of company culture challenges, but the tools are resources are still available and the opportunity to shift “traditional” roles exists. If men want to be stay-at-home dads, then we are seeing many women in our society become the breadwinners of the family. Again, this may pose a different set of challenges, but if the family is able to make it work for them, then I think it’s a great example of integrating the strengths and challenges of individuals involved, regardless of sex, ethnicity, education or culture.

Q3 -Love themselves unconditionally so they may love others unconditionally.
-Judging themselves for not being perfect and therefore, the judging the world around them as never being good enough. Ladies, we must bask in the light of imperfection and be grateful for the resources around us and within us.

Q4A Journey more interesting!

Q5 Some fabulous ladies I look up to are:

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler because they are hilarious, frank and they pushing the boundaries for mainstream, female, comedic writers.

Directors Jennifer Siebel Newsom & Kimberlee Acquaro for their documentary “Miss Representation” which is a great depiction of how women are represented in the media today, without being hateful towards men.

Marie Forleo, because she teaches actionable steps to empower small business owners (“Create a business and life you love!”) and her brand messaging is authentic, positive and creative.

Pema Chodron, because she teaches that life is messy and it’s important to get into those dark places and shine a light on them, because that is where transformation happens.

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Women’s HERstory Series – Featuring Lauren Brooks



Lauren Brooks-McClinton, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, now prides herself as being a long time resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.  She earned a Bachelors of Arts in English and Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism from Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She started her career in Broadcast news as an intern, but was quickly promoted to Associate Producer for NBC 13 (WVTM) in Birmingham, Alabama. After years in the South, she found her way back to the West coast in 2006 as an Assignment Editor for KSNV News 3. Shortly after learning her way around Las Vegas, she worked her way up to Assignment Manager at the FOX affiliate, KVVU. As one of the news team managers, Lauren supervised a staff of reporters, photographers, editors and coordinated news coverage for the local newscasts.

Lauren’s next step led her to Public Relations and Marketing at R&R Partners.  Lauren assisted with publicity for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, where she worked on some of the city’s largest projects including Camp Vegas, What Happens Here Stays Here and The World’s Largest Pool Party. It was Lauren’s community involvement and volunteer efforts that turned into a political career as Campaign Manager for Aaron D. Ford, State Senate Candidate for Las Vegas District 11. With a successful campaign and Lauren’s expertise in media, she was then invited to work in the state capitol in Carson City as the Legislative Assistant to Senator Aaron D. Ford and Committee Manager for Senate Natural Resources for Nevada’s 77th Legislative Session. Her responsibilities included day to day management of the Senate office, overseeing all operations of the Senate Natural Resources Committee while maintaining and tracking deadlines on all original bill draft request and bills.

Now as a public relations and media consultant, Lauren’s client list has grown to include,  Assemblyman, Urban Chamber of Commerce, Bombard Renewable Energy, International HIV/AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent, CheeseCaked Dessert Bar, Fashion in the City charity event, along with many others. Lauren maintains balance as she makes a personal commitment to Victory Missionary Baptist Church and the community. She teaches couponing classes and also enjoys reading and sewing.

Q1 What I love about being a woman is how far we have come and where were are going. Women today are achieving much more and standing up in ways like never before. Women today are really “running the world”.

Q2 God designed us this way for a reason. I am not sure I would feel comfortable with a man taking on “women” responsibilities. We do too much. We Got This!

Q3 I wish women would be more supportive towards each other. I wish women would be less degrating each other for attention (reality television).

Q4B Think Like A Winner. Keep it classy and act like you have already made it.
Which should help you become more mindful of everyday life choices.

Q5Aja Brown – Mayor of Compton, California ran for Mayor at 31 years old. It took an great deal of courage to take to reinvent the City of Compton. This beautiful, young black woman, is turning around a city with so much negative background.

Shiela Johnson – co-founder of BET, CEO of Salamander Hotels and Resorts, managing partner, of the WNBA’s Washington Mystics and the first black American female billionaire. Mostly known as the wife of Bob Johnson, she doesnt get as much credit as she should for building Black Entertainment Television. Shiela is the perfect example of a successful business woman, supportive wife (remarried) and a fighter. Shiela Johnson is someone to look up to for so many reasons (other than being a billionaire).

Keep In Touch w/Lauren on IG: LaurenMichelleBrooks ,Website: Lauren Unscripted

Women’s HERstory Series – Featuring Soraya Joseph


Soraya Joseph is a journalism graduate, media correspondent and a proud shero! Her work can best be summed up as: “writing, hosting, and doing the most-ing!” Former radio intern turned all-around media maven, Soraya was recognized last year as one of the top 19 ‘Women in Media’ by iHeart/Power 105.1 and was the youngest on the list. Soraya is the New York correspondent content manager for the top urban entertainment site, NecoleBitchie.com, and the features editor over at Bosschicks.com, the leading source for lifestyle, beauty and music news for Black women ages 18-34. Last she she partnered up with MTV2 and The Breakfast Club’s “Charlamagne” to launch: “cthagodworld.com” and is regarded as the director of his digital brand.

Q1 The thing I love most about being a woman, especially in this day and age, is having the chance to prove people wrong. We are constantly underestimated, which is only a bad thing if you allow it to me. Personally, I think it’s great. We get half the benefit of the doubt but twice the props when we exceed people’s expectations. And that’s always fun.

Q2 I would definitely want a man to know how it feels to really “feel” from a good woman’s POV. There are some amazing and generous men out there who do empathize with others but society/media bares a burden on men with this concept that “feeling too much” or being emotional is a sign of weakness. As women, we don’t get that same flack, if anything, we get credit for being able to care about people and things other than ourselves.
Kevin Durant recently said in his GQ article that growing up, he didn’t know it was okay to cry and that at 26, he is just now “feeling” for the first time. I’m all for a strong man but I would love it if a few more knew how it felt to worry, love and care for them so much more than we do ourselves.

Q3 I wish more women would share less of themselves on social media and save more of themselves for their men.

Q4A “draws come down.” — I’m kidding. Lmbo!! Men help to keep the world spinning.

Q5 I look up to my mother- and I cry each time I say this and I cry as I type this- because when I was bed ridden and hospitalized at 70 lbs (half my weight now) sick from a chronic disease and unable to eat (I was “fed” thru an IV only) she sat next to my bedside and didn’t eat with me. For 10 days. I knew I was living thru fluids in my IV but I don’t know how she survived. All I knew was my mother said if her daughter don’t eat, she won’t either. It went against her order of priority. To this day, that was the strongest I’d ever seen her, no food and all.

It would be my honor to at least be half the mom she was to my own (future) daughter. I will know then that I have done a good job.

That’s my queen. And blood is thicker than water. So if you make her cry, you will have to shed a little more than just a few tears. I promise you that.

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Women’s HERstory Series – Featuring El’Lise Bethel


El’Lise, is a native of Vero Beach, Florida where she was raised by her loving and devoted mother and God fearing father, along with two brothers. El’Lise later moved to Tallahasse, Florida where she currently resides with her loving husband and kids. September 2013 El’Lise started High HEALED Hearts. This organization has been a life long dream and passion of hers as a way to honor her late Mother who also suffered from the hands domestic violence.
BUTTERFLY LUV is a product line created by El’Lise to help extract, as well as enhance the outer beauty that every woman naturally has, and one that will reflect the inner beauty of the soul and bring awareness to Domestic Violence. Through the efforts of BUTTERFLY LUV, El’Lise has set her mission to empowering the survivors of domestic violence and educating others of the reality of domestic violence. Her goal is to provide living facilities for women and children who suffer from the hands of domestic violence, and to supply aid to those in need. Proceeds obtained through BUTTERFLY LOVE are used to fund High HEALED Hearts and to continue to be a blessing to those in need.

I love how God created us to bend but never break!

Q2 Child birth!!!

Q3 I wish we would support each other more. Mentally & physically!
Wish we would stop being envious or threatened of each other.

Q4A foundation solid.

Q5 My mother, Phylicia Rashad, and Kerry Washington. These women all possess beauty, class, grace, wisdom, and elegance. They’re smart, intelligent, innovators and truly inspiring! Last but not least they are truly the epitome of a strong black Woman!

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Women’s HERstory Series – Featuring Bianca Bee


biancafeature Bianca Bee is a spunky 20 year old who has interned for Oprah Winfrey, LionsGate, BET, Paramount Pictures, Sony and the executive producer and host of her very own show entitled ‘The Bianca Bee Show’. The Bianca Bee Show is a popular web series that features the latest celebrities in a positive outlook, fashion & networking advice for upcoming generation. At the young age of seventeen, Bianca Bee moved from Detroit, Michigan to sunny Los Angeles, California to study film. Only three years later, this fresh faced and sassy 20 year old is working on her very show titled ‘The Bianca Bee Show’. In addition to her television hosting experience, Bianca has also interned at Oprah Winfrey Network,Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, After Dark Films, Dark Child Records, Pensado’s Place and BET Awards. With Bianca’s vivaciousness, enthusiasm, and ultimate professionalism, this is only the very beginning of a successful television career in the future.

unnamed The thing I love most about being a woman is accepting that I am not perfect and that all women have the same insecurities. I used to always look up to other women and wish I were like them. But I’m learning that I am me and I love being me.

unnamed-1 Definitely periods (giggles). Periods are the worse and they can see why we bee so moody!!!

unnamed-2 One thing I wish women would do more of is looking up to women of substance. Now a days women look up to gold diggers, girls on instagram and just women with no substance and just using their looks for fame. One thing I wish women would do less of is trying to impress one another by buying things they can’t really afford.

unnamed-3 Money!!!

unnamed-4 I look up to Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks. I look up to them because they both struggled and became icons of their generation. They are hard workingwomen who remained consistent and didn’t care about the business decisions that they made. They always went with their gut feeling and I respect them for that.

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