In the Fall of 2013, No Boiz Allowed introduced it’s very own virtual book club. With a new read every 6 weeks, our audience was able to read new literature from self help books to project books to novels which would then later be discussed via twitter chats and/or live u-stream chats. During the course of our one year project, we were able to gift our readers with 2 free e-books as well as customized No Boiz Allowed book marks of their choice. This was a one year project that engaged the audience in an authentic way and reminded everyone to log off of the internet and pick up a good ol’ fashioned book.


beautiful iAmBeautiful started off as an idea which later turned into a significant role of No Boiz Allowed. The mission of iAmBeautiful is to allow every woman and young girl to love herself unapologetically. We first launched with mirror image t-shirts that read “I am Beautiful” while looking yourself in the mirror.

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 From that moment forward, it has allowed me branch out and speak to the youth/young girls about self – love, image, peer pressure and confidence. iAmBeautiful begins and ends within.

Picture 2  Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada – I Am Beautiful

Picture 3Andre Agassi College Prep. Academy – Teen Summit 2014 – 7 Areas of a Balanced Life


Andre Agassi College Prep. Academy – Teen Summit 2015- FEAR Is A Liar

As an Influencer and Empowerment Leader, my role in the Community is to teach what tools work for me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to speak at several events per year and host workshops. The work does not stop and neither does my love for it.

I was the Keynote Speaker for A Woman’s Foundation Non-Profit Organization’s Know Your Network Brunch. I spoke on how I balance my busy Work/Life. With the many hats I wear, it definitely took a lot of time and trial and error to figure out a consistent organized system that works for me. Now I prioritize the necessary and have fun doing what I love.

“Daja’s the epitome of a true #GirlBoss.” – A Woman’s Foundation

May 21, 2016 I had the opportunity to be a vendor at the International Natural Hair Meetup Day in Las Vegas event where I held my Pick Me Up Cards table. It was such a great experience to sale my product at an event for the first time 2 months after the launch. I can’t wait to do this again. To check out the Pick-Me-Up Cards line, visit by clicking HERE.


No Boiz Allowed’s Women’s Empowerment Luncheon serves as a one day platform to bring sisterhood, networking and inspiration to the women in the Southern Nevada Community. 2014 kicked off the first ever Women’s Empowerment Luncheon as a celebration for No Boiz Allowed’s 3rd year anniversary of inspiring women  globally and locally. We honored women within our community who has set forth a strong image of leadership and has overcome triumphs while still wearing her crown.

“I am so grateful for such an amazing event. It was so beautiful and I met so many amazing people. Ladies you did an amazing job from the location to the speakers, good food and wonderful recipients. I am very proud of you young women fighting to make it happen in Las Vegas. All smiles.” – Lisa James


Picture 4    “Everything was pertinent and valuable to me but what seems to stick is the importance of authenticity and knowing my unique value, presented by Christina Aldan. It was also great to get personal feedback from her regarding my branding. Leisa Mosely defined us for what a goddess is and the importance of “tooting our own horns” which is something I’m beginning to practice because I’ve been a little shy about promoting myself. That too was noteworthy for me. I’m happy about all of the connections that were made. 3 positive things: sisterhood, fabulous friends, and that chocolate cake.” – J.C. Nix



The host Comedienne AK kept me in stitches and her realness was a breath of fresh air. She lightened the mood and allowed everyone to feel comfortable enough to “Stand in their greatness”… the greatness that our guest speaker Tiffany Tyler so eloquently spoke of. – Trina Jiles


“I seriously had an amazing time and walked away connected to more Queens than when I had entered the room, heart full, and on fire for my passions!!!” – Jazmine Orr



No Boiz Allowed created twitter chats as a live discussion between men and women who share a common interest in topics presented from challenges and/or books selected from our Book Club. Our chats allowed for participants to share practices, opinions and even connect on a personal level. We were able to learn and laugh together in 140 characters or less. Just picture a room full of strangers discussing love, relationships, self-esteem, career, travel, food and more for an hour and a half but virtually. Missed our chats? Click on the boxes below to read how they each went down and stay tuned for future chats.

whymenlove      iambeautiful girlboss


NBzA is the home of self love and self growth and we will challenge you to get there. Our challenges stretch the readers capabilities in a way that encourages them to get out of their comfort zone for an amount of time to see the differences. We have had fun challenges like the 30 Days of Legs Challenge where we encouraged you to show off those amazing legs for 30 days straight during Spring. We have even had some emotional challenges like the Let It Go Challenge where it encouraged you to get rid of those painful  emotions and setbacks caused by your past. No matter how easy or difficult our challenges are, there is something for everyone.


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  1. LadyI says:
    This sounds like a lot of fun!
  2. Monique John says:
    This sounds like a great idea! I’m glad you’re doing this!
  3. Shana says:
    I’m a bit late, but I would love to join this book club! I’m going to purchase my book tonight!
  4. SisDr says:
    Love to join you. Please let me know what the next title is so I can read along with everyone!
  5. Sisdr says:
    I picked up a copy of the book and so can join the discussion on the 26th – once I figure out which box it’s in!
  6. Erykah says:
    I would love a free copy of project happiness. I’m so excited to be part of a dynamic book club. I couldn’t find your email address on the page.
  7. H. R. Ladson says:
    I purchased The Happiness Project last week because it was on my wish list. What a great choice! Happy to be around fellow readers.