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Keston Karter || Actor, Model

1. Introduce yourself. In your own words, who is Keston Karter and how would you want those you come in contact with to remember you? I’m a 27 year old model/actor trying to make my mark before I leave this earth. How would I want those I come in contact with to remember me? Well, that’s all relevant to who “those” in which your referring to, as well as the capacity of the interaction.

2. Many people don’t know that you were born on the island of Trinidad. What was your greatest childhood memory? And do you still visit often? Yes, I was born in Trinidad. I have so many childhood memories. Very difficult to categorize what would be the “greatest”. However, one of the most distinctive memories that I have from my childhood in Trinidad is the rain. The house I lived in as a child was made with a galvanized steel roof. When it rained you would hear every rain drop hit the steel roof, as the wind would simultaneously blow a cool breeze throughout the open house. And the smell….. idk… its hard to explain…. I guess the best way to describe it would be a smell of nature that would arise from the earth. We didn’t have much, and the house was all but a shack that my father built with his hands, but its one of those things you have to experience to appreciate. Puts things into perspective you know?

3. If any, what or who has motivated you to continue moving forward? I would say the pursuit of happiness has propelled me to be motivated and continue to move forward in life. I feel that happiness is relevant to the individual. Whether you’re taking the time out to appreciate the smaller things in life, like the rain, or your working towards the goal of buying your first house. The feeling, the state of mind, the place of happiness, once achieved, is in my opinion is when one truly starts living life.

4. Some may remember seeing you on What Chilli Wants, I’m going to put you on the spot and ask you, What Does Keston Want? Very broad question. There are a lot of characteristics that I admire in a woman. Honesty, empathy, independence, loyalty, intelligence, etc. I can go on with cliched, although accurate, responses. I feel there are many women out there that possess characteristics that I admire, however, the answer to your question of what I want, transcends all these characteristics. It’s a place, a connection, a chemistry. Something deeper than what’s on the surface.

5. For the record is Keston married, dating or single? Dating.

6. A day filled with no working gigs, how do you spend your chill days? My chill days can vary. Depending on what I’m in the mood for. If I’m really tired, I can sleep all day. I like to sleep. If I have energy, I’ll take a vacation, work on my car, or do some work around the house. There’s always something that needs to be fixed or upgraded.

7. If there were any fellas out there reading this that looked up to you for inspiration, what advice would you give them in hopes of following their dreams? Life experiences…. everybody has them. Keep the positive. Dump the negative. And most importantly move forward. The ability to move forward is the difference between a person who has been through a lot and wise person. Be wise.

8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? I can’t tell you where exactly I’ll be. Can’t tell the future. But hopefully I’ll be exactly where I feel like I should be.

9. Are there any current or upcoming projects you would like us to stay on the look out for? I’m in negotiations to film in India later on this year. I’ll keep people updated via You’ll be seeing more of me soon.

10. Where can we keep in contact with you Keston?

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