Fitness Challenge Giveaway Begins NOW!

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6 Responses to Fitness Challenge Giveaway Begins NOW!

  1. Chymere says:
    My health and fitness goals is apart of my completion as a woman. I want to develop a lifestyle that encourages awesome physical shape, a “get fit, stay fit” mentality, and good long term health. 

    The motivation didn’t come from a particular source, but from many. I look at women like Dana Torres, Olympic swimmer, and my mentor Shanel Cooper, who I’m inspired by. I watch the choices they make to improve their lives on all levels.

    When it comes to training, my goal is to reach peak performance shape. This part isn’t difficult, only because sports have been apart o my life since I was little. I workout at least 5 days a week, mixing cardio and swimming. I use my Nike Training Club app for all my cardio/deyland workouts.  Every now and then I do a Zumba class or some type of dancing to make it fun. The point is to push myself harder than the day before. The biggest challenge in facing now is food, but I’m just starting to cut back on bad eating habits and fast food. Also, looking for alternatives to sweets, which I find fruits like mangos and strawberries with yogurt, to be equally satisfying. 

  2. Just Daisy says:
    As a person who has been overweight all her life, my fitness/health goals are pretty simple. I want be find healthy. I want to take it upon myself to invest time into the longevity of my future and my life healthwise. I also want to set a standard for my little sister who is also overweight and show her that it is not impossible to reverse our lifestyles and become fit.

    I inspired myself. There is no feeling like looking in the mirror and it recognizing the person you’ve become. My reflection did not make sense to me. I could it figure out how or when had I turned into a person who did not honor their health and body. In addition, my bloggers inspire me. They have inspired me to become healthier, fitter, and positive.

    I have been on a weightless journey for a year. I have she’d -44lbs and I am still going. I am able to run, walk up a flight of stairs, jump rope, and feel good about it. I absolutely love challenging myself physically and my hard work at the gym 4x’s a week is paying off. I am on Weight Watchers and I calorie count on to monitor my protein, fat, and fiber intake. It is amazing how much my life has changed around in a year and I am only getting started.

    I offer my journey as a public event to inspire plus sized women all over the world who ever thought they couldn’t lose weight without surveyor extreme methods. It’s what keeps me going and encourages my success.

    Here are my before and after pictures:

    • Miss Daja says:
      I commend you! Thank you for your entry. The pictures did not go through, however, you are more than welcome to email them to me daja.noboizallowed(at)gmail(dot)com
  3. Just Daisy says:
    Im sorry for all those damn typos, my iPad keyboard sucks. I will resubmit it again without the errors. I apologize.