One of The Best Ingredients to Add to Your Life is an Accountability Partner

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Happy New Year Ladies and Gents!!! As the days go by, and you are still getting used to writing 2015 2016 on your paperwork, it is important to keep in mind that old habits won’t change until we do. While I don’t necessarily fall into the hype of New Years Resolutions, I do have goals that I focus on once the clock strikes midnight. Okay, maybe once the weekend is over and I am completely done celebrating. After all, there are a few things your girl is happy to leave behind in the previous year. If you are like me in the sense that you’re looking forward to moving upward and onward towards growth and looking forward to positive change in 2016, I want to share something that has made my 2015 as successful as it’s been. While this post is long overdue, it’s worth sharing in hopes to encourage my readers to add this to your life of progression.

During the summer of 2015, a friend and long time supporter of mine contacted me to meet up with her and another young lady whom I had briefly met at my Crown Me Queen Women’s Empowerment Luncheon. Now we all have those friends that we don’t talk to every single day but when they show up, we make time. Those friends you don’t miss a beat with no matter how long it’s been. You always leave the conversation feeling motivated to keep going and simply good about yourself. So when my friend said she wanted the three of us to meet up for “tea and talk,” the only question asked was, what time?

Upon our first initial Tea and Talk, we put together an agenda which included: Prayer – allowing God to step into the mix. Release – vent about anything going on in our lives to get it off of our chest and make room for anew. Goals – discuss one goal we want to accomplish as well as a timeframe in which we wanted to have it completed. Current Book – share a book that we are currently reading or have previously read while giving a detailed review (assisted by a book review worksheet). As simple as this may sound, it was the single most monthly meeting I had ever looked forward to in my 20’s. We all walked different walks of life, we all worked in different backgrounds, we all had different schedules but the fact that we could come together once a month to make time to genuinely pour out our sorrows and worries, just to fill one another up with love, support and real life solutions, meant more to me than any bottle popped and club hopped I’ve ever experienced. Hence, the reason I am trusting you will make this a goal of yours for 2016.

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  • Someone who walks the walk. This is no shade to your circle of friends but if you know your friend isn’t responsible and has a hard time with meeting deadlines, sticking to what they’ve said, accomplishing any type of goals – aka – getting sh-t done, you probably shouldn’t ask them to be your accountability partner.
  • You may have more than one Accountability Partner. There is not one person on earth who is the best in every area of life. Seek out someone out who is successful in an area of life you are interested in. (Business Accountability Partner, a Prayer and Bible Study Partner, Marriage Accountability Couple, etc).
  • This is a give and take relationship. Not one sided. Do as much for them as they do for you and it doesn’t have to equate to monetary value but if it does, that works too.

I knew right away that these women would be beneficial to my life as well as I would be to theirs. I don’t know if it was the fact that we opened up with prayer and have had intimate conversations about our spirituality or the fact that we challenged each other to be great, or both. But when I would walk away feeling ready to take over the world, accomplish things before I even began and feel as though I am worth the success on the other side of the door, I knew we didn’t meet by accident. Once I shared my first goal amongst these women, they helped me create a breakdown of how I can accomplish said goal and backed it up with resources of who can help and tools to guide me. It then took me actually DO’ING those very things before I seen results but once I did, I couldn’t wait to share and even better, I couldn’t wait to experience that feeling of being proud of myself, again.


  • This person probably won’t be your best friend. But they are present in the decisions and/or the process that matters.
  • This person is results based. They do not care about your excuses. They may have sympathy for your situation(s) but they want to see you win so they will push you through your pain.
  • This person is not your YES ma’am/man. She may say yes when and only when it makes sense but she will never tell you yes because it’s what you want to hear at the time.
  • There may be times where you get uncomfortable. She will challenge you to perform a level of excellence where mediocrity doesn’t exist.

“Hang out with people who force  you to do better.”

Having an accountability partner takes strength because it feels as though you are allowing someone to come into your life to tweak things that you’ve grown accustom to. It means being vulnerable and honest with yourself. I’d like to think our accountability partners are mirroring our true selves but in human form disguised as friends. They are sent to wake us up and reiterate what we already know and have been taught once before but simply need a reminder or a different perspective, or both. 2016, we welcome you. Friendship, we welcome you. Growth, we welcome you. Success, we welcome you. Abundance, we welcome you.

Do you have an Accountability Partner? If so, what is/has your experience been like?

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