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FASHION FRIDAY || 5 Easy DIY 90′s Inspired Halloween Costumes

This Halloween step outside the box and get creative with the 90′s! If you’re like me and have waited until the last minute to buy a costume or don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for one, this post is for you. Last year and years before many celebrities channeled other celebs with their creatively fun costumes from Miley as Lil Kim to Naya Rivera as Carmen San Diego. This seems to be the new trend among trendy and fashionable costumes. If witches and monsters aren’t your thing, here are 5 easy DIY costumes you can try this Halloween to join in on the trend. Many of the items you may already have in your current wardrobe while the others can be found at your local mall or thrift store. Pair some of these staple pieces with some added accessories and you’ll be ready for any costume contest! Have another 90′s inspired celeb look? Share it with us!


Naya Rivera took on this sexy cartoon character for her costume and you can too. This is one of the easiest costumes to pull off because it includes items you may already have in your wardrobe. The base of this costume is a red trench coat. You can find a great knee length or longer trench coat at a reasonable price from retailers like Target or Ross. Wear a black leotard underneath that can be purchased at any store that sells dance wear or american apparel Wear some thigh high black boots, a red fedora and yellow scarf to complete this look. To accessorize even more wear some black leather gloves and an oversized bag or briefcase.


Have a lot of workout/athletic equipment in your closet? Martins crazy neighbor Sheneneh Jenkins is the perfect costume for you! Sheneneh was known for her bright colors, over the top gold accessories and her big box braids. If you are already rocking box braids this costume is even simplier to pull off. If not, grab an old school scrunchie or two and put your hair up into a high pony tail. Recently purchased the fluorescent Nike Air Max’s? Throw those on with a pair of bright colored leggings, a bandeau top gold accessories and a wind breaker and you’ll be all set! To accessorize this look even more, pair it with a pair of scrunch socks, some bamboo earrings, long flouresent painted acrylics nails and dont forget the fanny pack!



Cher and Dionne were every girls favorite highschoolers in the 90′s. The pair were superficial spoiled brats and we loved every minute of it! The fashion from this movie is what stuck out to me the most. The girls were always over dressed for the typical high school, wearing matching two piece suits. Plaid was big back then as well as mini backpacks. For this look you may have to hit up your local thrift store. Look for any type of plaid suit or seperates. Pair these with a white crop top(Cher loved to show off her abs) and wear the blazer open. Cher and Dionne also wore knee highs alot, so make sure you get the cutest white pair you can find and rock them with some mary janes or strappy pumps. Surprisingly mini back packs can be found at Charlotte Russe! Snag one up for less than $30 to complete this look. If you have an old flip phone laying around, dig it out to accessorize this look even more.



The always glamorous Hillary Banks was one of my favorite characters growing up as well. Hillary was known for her expensive taste, designer labels and her infamous pie hats. Although this look is easy to pull off, you may need to visit your local thrift store for this look as well. The main pieces to get this look is a brightly colored blazer and a pie hat. Both of these can be found at thrift stores. If your blazer has shoulder pads, leave them in! Shoulder pads were big in this period and Hillary wore them as often as she could. Find a black sheath dress or tightly fitting cocktail dress about knee length to wear underneath. She was very “matchy matchy” so finding a pair of low pumps to match your blazer would make this costume pop. Hillary also wore broaches with her blazers, so pick one up at the thrift store or borrow one from granny. Hillary was very much into labels, you can find some vintage Chanel at many thrift stores as well for jewelry. To accessorize this look even more wear your hair in a twist out or buy a cheap curly wig.



Peg Bundy was the high maintence housewife on a shoe salesmans budget. She pranced around the house in tight fitting athletic clothes and lived for an animal print! If your athletic this can be an easy costume to pull off too. All you need is an animal print leotard and some black leggings. Make this look a little more modern with a black and gold chain link waist belt. Peg also loved her chunky jewelry. Chunky bangles and colorful bamboo earrings will make this look. To accessorize this look even more get some girly dumbbells and red wig with bangs. Make sure to tease that wig and use lots of hair spray!

One Photo A Day In The Worst Year Of My Life (video)

“Help me, I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow.” Was the last image shown in this video. The “One photo a day in the worst year of my life” was created by the Croatian government as a eye-opening reality of what many women across the globe experience every day.  Please take a look at the video and leave your thoughts below. WARNING: this video contains graphic images (towards the end).


“I don’t need a friend, I need someone who wants to see me win.” Why Accountability Partners Are Necessary!







:the quality or state of being accountable especially an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

In our world, we want an accountability partner so we can share responsibility and on black and white, that’s exactly what it means. When things don’t go according to plan, we have someone else to point the finger at. But the truth of the matter is, we need accountability partners to keep us on our A-game. The role of an accountability partner isn’t for everyone and here is why. There was a time or two that you and your friends made a pact to workout x amount of days in the gym and you would hold each other accountable. But all it took was for one of you to say “I don’t feel like it today” “I’m tired” “I’m busy” “Let’s get back into it on Monday” – and the rest followed suit. Time went by and next thing you know, the whole group fell off, summer came and not one was bikini ready. Don’t worry, I’ve been that girl on countless occasions too.

The rule of thumb is to find an accountability partner who isn’t your friend. And if (s)he is your friend, make sure they are responsible, dependable and not a yes friend. Someone who isn’t afraid of telling you when you’ve fallen short and someone who will be there to celebrate you when you win. In my experiences with accountability partners, most are afraid of being honest with you. We tend to shy away from telling others the truth as opposed to making them happy but the truth is if they stuck with their goals long enough to see results, happiness isn’t too far behind. So the next time you promote someone to the role of “Accountability Partner”, look them in their eyes and tell them “don’t be my friend, help me win.”

Do you have an accountability partner? If so, what are some things you all do to stay on track with achieving your end goal?


Hello October – Date Yourself Challenge


New month, new goals. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to receive flowers at work? Go to see that new movie but you never have anyone to go with? Why wait on others to be happy? Why not do it yourself? After all, it begins with you. Self love is the first step to loving anyone else. This challenge is for any and everyone but not all of you will take it because you don’t want to hold yourselves accountable to putting YOU first.

If you are about the power of YOU.. keep reading.

The mission of this challenge is to challenge yourself to put yourself first. You will come across many temptations along the way but if we can practice saying no, and mean it, if we can pay ourselves first, if we can encourage ourselves like we big up others, we will be well on our way to a happier life.

If you would love to find out the complete rules and timeline of this challenge, feel free to leave your email below. We do not like receiving spam so we will not send you any.

Happy October.

I Saw Keke Palmer Star In Cinderella On Broadway Opening Week – My Experience


My girls and I planned a super fun, entertaining and busy vacation for my BFF’s birthday. We decided to spend a day/night in Philadelphia, three days/two nights in New York and one day in Atlantic City. Mission accomplished. Now not everything went 100% as planned but thanks to proper planning, great organizing, back up plans, budgeting and cool friends who can roll with the punches, it all transitioned smoothly. Leading up to this trip, we each had one assignment. That assignment was for us each to make a list of the one thing you absolutely wanted to do while in NYC. We all put our #1 thing on the list. The list included, walk the BK bridge, visit an African American History Museum, eat at Sylvias in Harlem, see the Statue of Liberty.

Now growing up as a little girl, I’ve always had big dreams of living in New York City. I was head over heels into fashion and I just knew my dreams would come true if I moved there. Once I grew up those dreams changed. The week of our trip, Monday to be exact, a friend of mine overheard the radio station discussing Keke Palmer playing the first ever black Cinderella on Broadway. She immediately jumped in the group chat and told us about it. We were soooo ecstatic that this could be our opportunity to not only witness a Broadway Play LIVE but to be apart of history. Opening week was to be talked about and we all love Keke Palmer so it was no-brainer. We were all scheduled to fly out in 2 days and be in New York in 3. We made arrangements to purchase a ticket, rearranged a few things on our itinerary and made it happen.

The day of the show we were soooo excited. We all got dressed, experienced our first taxi cab ride in NY and headed to Broadway to see Keke Palmer in Cinderella. We attempted to purchase snacks and wine at the concession stand but thanks to those triple threat prices, we kindly passed and thanked God for the food we ate before we left the hotel room. LOL. We called our families and told them what we were witnessing, we took lots of pictures and we found our seats. The way the theater is set up, no matter what seat you pay for, you will have a great view. We were seated in the front row of the 3rd section which was still perfect for us considering it was our first show. Lights dimmed and music shouted. Keke came running out and we all shouted and clapped. She smiled and the show began.

The experience was nothing less than amazing. Not only Keke Palmer but EVERY actor/actress on that stage did so great. They sung and danced their hearts out and left all of their fears behind the curtains. Production was that in which you see in a movie. There was a lot of magic happening on stage that I’m still unsure of how it happened before my eyes but it made for great discussions. Watching the Cinderella story live took me through every emotion possible. From smiling, to laughing to crying to singing and even dreaming. A standing ovation was granted at the end and all I could do was instantly become inspired. This play left me feeling speechless. Now I can’t leave this post without giving you all a couple of pointers if you do decide to check out a Broadway play…

1. Eat and Drink before or have plans to eat/drink after the show. The small can of pringles will run you $5. A small cup of wine will start at $12 and go up from there.
2. Arrive a little early so you can find your seats and use the restroom if needed. Our show was scheduled for 8pm and begun at 8:07pm
3. Bring a light sweater or cover-up. ALL theaters do not believe in heating systems lol. It gets cold!
4. Stretch during intermission. There will be a 15 min. break in between the first half and the second. Use this time wisely to use the bathroom, stretch and use your cell phone.
5. Speaking of cell phones, you cannot use them during the show (for obvious reasons). No picture snapping, no texting, etc. Well you can, just don’t get caught. Dim your lighting on your screen and do your thing. But I would much rather you actually enjoy the show and get your money worth. It’s worth every penny.

Bucket List Item Crossed off!

Have you ever been to a Broadway Show? Is this on your bucket list?