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Celebrity Roundup – VOTE – The MEN of The ESPY’s


Happy Fashion Friday! Your favorite day of the week has again arrived and this time, in ESPY’s (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Style. How many of you were able to catch the ESPY’s this year? As you may know or have heard by now, Drake put on one of his many hats and hosted this year. From the video clips I caught online, he did an amazing job. I literally laughed out loud during every skit I watched. Because of this we’ve decided to give our ladies a break this week and take a look at some of the men who hit the red carpet instead. Take a good look at the stylish men in their tailored ensembles and vote on your favorite male of the week. I even spy a former NBzA Eye Candy amongst the suited fella’s below. =)

The Man of The Hour Drake

Demarcus Cousins

Damien Lillard

Prince Ray Pope

Russell Westbrook

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Kevin Durant

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Colin Kaepernick

Chris Brown

Mentor Moment with Alexia Vernon – “Is It Fear Or Does It Just Not Feel Right?”

M E N T O R   M O M E N T

Yesterday was my first time attending Girls in Tech, Las Vegas and Women in Media Mentoring Initiative’s (WIMMI) co-hosted the “Mentor Moment” Event.

In case the phrase Mentor Moment sparked your interest like it did mine, it’s simply a casual event where GIT and WIMMI spotlight a mentor for the evening. The mentor can be anyone from the Las Vegas business, or tech community who they feel has something to share with us.

10437774_825251564159792_1307665855592592347_nThe mentor of the evening was Alexia Vernon. She is a public speaking/executive coach and author, is the featured mentor who will offer a 20-minute presentation followed by networking. Alexia specializes in empowering evolving leaders to develop heart-centered, high-impact communication and ethical leadership skills. After Alexia spoke about her defining moments, set backs and passion, we were able to ask questions while she answered honestly. It was a great discussion on topics such as fear, the difference in opportunities, taking chances, listening to your gut and so much more.

The goal of this event was to connect with a business mentor in a casual setting, allowing entrepreneurs to share information and receive professional advice from an experienced business woman.

A few key points that stuck out to me were moments when Alexia was sitting down to get for Q&A with us and we were able to ask questions that we were dying to be answered. Some things she said resonated with me and followed me on my way home. “Whenever you are feelings stuck, know what question you would like to know the answer to.” “It’s okay to be vulnerable. Vulnerable isn’t the same as weak. Being vulnerable is saying ‘I know where my strength ends and my passion keeps going but not knowing how to connect the two.’” “When looking for a mentor, look for someone who allows the mentee to guide the conversation. The mentor should do less talking and ask more questions.” “Knowing what my long term goals are, allows for me to say no to certain opportunities.”

GUT CHECK: When opportunities come your way and you’re not sure whether to move in it’s direction, ask yourself.. Is it fear or does it just not feel right?

The 4 People You Need On Your Team: The Connector, The Decision Maker, The Mentor, The Cheerleader.

From my experience of Mentor Moment I can honestly say that was achieved and I will definitely be attending as many more as I can. Oh, and in case you were wondering, NO I was not paid for this review or “scouted”. This blog post is based on my own opinion and experience.

If you are in the Las Vegas area, please feel free to follow Girls In Tech, Las Vegas and Women in Media Mentoring Initiatives to find out more about upcoming events.

GIRL TALK TUESDAY || The Seeds You Plant Today…

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. –

Ralph Marston

planting-seeds jpg

Hey ladies. I always get excited to talk to you on Girl Talk Tuesday because it’s usually always a situation I have just went through or I am currently going through. It’s always personal. =) Anyways, recently, opportunities have been coming my way left and right and I am more than ready than ever to dive in. For the first time in my life I didn’t talk myself out of it any of it. I didn’t whisper those negative words in my head or second guess myself. The number one reason was because I’ve been praying for moments like this and I know I am ready. I’ve planted the seeds months, even years ago and now I’m finally watching them bloom. When it’s your time, you just know it. You feel it and there’s no more doubt. The seeds you plant today will bring future opportunities.

Often times we get caught up in doing everything that we don’t always focus on what we truly do well. I am a prime example of having my hands in a little bit of everything. Mainly because my talent is not and will never be boxed in. I’m skilled in multiple things and that’s perfectly fine. However, when you understand your purpose, you began to move in a direction that is etched out only for you. It’s like your calling is waiting for you to just answer it and things began to flow easily. The good is always attracted to you and will make itself visible at all times.

Planting seeds can and will always come in the form of many. For example, the people you meet. You may never know who they are or who they know so it’s best to be yourselves at all times and be genuine with everything you do. The places you go can say a lot about you as well. Be careful what’s seen because people listen to actions more than they do words.


Nurture them, water them and be patient. Your garden is growing.


GIRL TALK TUESDAYS || The 7 Area’s of a Balanced Life


I recently acknowledged the gap of where I am and where I want to be. The missing piece of the puzzle was balance. As a Libra, I know how important balance is for me so these past few weeks I have been focused on specific areas in my life in order to grow and maximize my full potential. Of course I wanted to share with you all because I feel that no one person is ever growing through life alone. If it’s helping me, I hope to be of some help to others.

As I did a little research on balance, I noticed that every article and book generally focused on the 7 areas of one’s life. During my research I came across a free ebook here titled “What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?”. Although I’m not quite finished with the workbook, reading it forced me to analyze myself which in return inspired me to write this post. In the beginning of the book, it makes you list the 7 areas of life (see the pyramid above) and score each area 1-10 with 10 being the highest. I graded myself and I can’t say I was surprised with what I saw because I clearly knew where I stood mentally, spiritually, financially, career wise, etc. but I will say it was an eye opener to witness it on paper and compare my Career score to my Relationships (friends, family, social) score. It was dreadful to compare my Financial score to my Spiritual score. And so on. So I knew there was work to be done.


I wrote down my personal physical goals, inspirational quotes and things or people that motivate me in this area.
Well-being: maximum wellness; Nutrition: maximising or maintaining adequate and quality eating habits; Moderation: integrating extremes of sensation or action; Building strength and tone: exercising and stretching muscles; Vitality: building endurance and stamina, keeping dynamically active; Maintaining Beauty/handsome attraction: clean, neat, well presented or dressed and tidy; Self-indulgent gratification of physical desires: enjoying food, sex, leisure, etc.; Seeking daring adventures: taking risks; Esthetics: appreciating the beauty of nature and the arts; Ecology: protecting the environment, preserving nature Independence: freedom of action, spontaneous action, freedom to travel the world; Variety: a life filled with challenge, novelty and change.


I made a list of my values, my happiness triggers (people, places, activities and entertainment that add to my happiness) and vowed to make use of those areas daily.
Wisdom: understanding the laws of the universe – a mature understanding of my life; Inquisitive curiosity: interested in everything, exploring – loving to read and learn; Intelligent thinking: reasoning and analyzing logically; Intuition: thinking/feeling spontaneously and instinctively; Discernment: making choices and decisions; Associating or disassociating: attaching or detaching freely; Prioritising and planning: self-discipline, self-restraint, resistance to temptation; Imagination: creative and unique thinking; Development:increasing mentual acuity Actualization: awakening my genius within; Broad-minded: open to different ideas and beliefs; Adventure: seeking stimulating experiences, having a mentally exciting life.


I made a list of people in my life who I want to keep, let go of and those I want to build stronger connections with (business/personal).
Attention: spending time, connecting, or interacting with family members; Fulfillment: setting realistic expectations with relationships, breaking fantasies and myths; Clear communication: dissolving judgements and communication in terms of values; Intimacy: mature sharing of love, including sexually; Resolution: managing conflict with family of origin or family of choice; Caring: meeting the needs of others; Providing: creating a quality home/nest for family members; Security: safety for loved ones; Respect: honouring parents, elders, and others; Inspiring: encouraging children to achieve their own path of full potential; Educating: helping children to expand their opportunities; Adventure: travelling on vacations and exploring with loved ones.


(working on it) but I make time for things that are important to me, spend less time on social media, say no to distractions and create a daily to-do list.
Leadership: leading or commanding others toward or to a worthy cause; Power: desiring prominence, authority, control, or influence over others and events; Recognition: respect, approval by others – maintaining public image; Order: initiating transformation – raising socioeconomic standards and stability; Contribution: working for the welfare of humankind; Equality: equal opportunity for all; Belong: feeling that others care about me; Security: protection from self or enemy; Justice: upholding ethical and legal principles, righting perceived injustices; Respect: honouring right to dignity, independence or privacy, polite manners, courtesy; Friendship: shared loyalty to and empathy for friends or group; Tradition: preservation of time-honoured customs.


I mapped out my dream career, goals and side gigs that I want to spend more time on. I also wrote down things to do daily to get me closer to my dream career.
Inspirational: serving a higher purpose or calling; Self-direction: choosing my own goals, doing what I love, actualizing my own career dreams; Independence: self-reliant, self-sufficient; Ambition: high achievement, aspiring and hardworking; Leadership; inspiring others to greater productivity; Growth: attracting a greater quality and quantity of clients/customers/ attendees/patients; Quality: providing greater service to clients; Excellence: mastering the skills of my profession, pursuing excellence, being #1; Accountability: embracing consequences for decisions and actions; Competence: being more capable, efficient, and effective in my business Professionalism: adhering to behavioural and appearance guidelines; Responsible: obedient, dutiful, meeting obligations, dependable, reliable.


I pulled my credit history, credit score, tracked my spending, compared my assets to my liabilities and signed up for a Women and Money Class. I also wrote down my financial goals and plan to open another savings account within the next two weeks.
Perspective: appreciating the importance of money and valuing what it offers humanity; ingenuity: searching for creative ways and means to serve and make money; Prudence: making deals, creative financial negotiations, shopping for bargains; Balance: maintaining fair exchange, reciprocity, non-indebtedness; Security: saving money, investing; Development: building self-worth and self-respect; Savvy: balancing emotions to more effectively and consistenly manage money; Acumen: managing, budgeting or spending money, energy, and resources wisely; Growth: building wealth/net worth, amassing a fortune and material possessions; Taking chances: calculating and taking risks, speculating; Protection: preserving wealth; Contribution: philanthropy, charity.


I promised myself to pray more, meditate and feed on my faith.
Connection: experiencing my soul or God; Reflection: going inside myself, listening to my inner voice, seeing my inner vision; Integrity:knowing and living my higher spiritual values; Integrity: having a sense of balance, and inner harmony within myself; Discernment: seeing a hight order regardless of the apparent disorder of outer peace and war; Inspiration: Feeling a sense of meaningful purpose; Identification: living from my spiritually vital core, being more spiritually than materially focused; Authenticity: being genuine and truthfully honest with myself; Surrender: Modestly submitting or humbling myself to the grand divine design and order; Unity: fitting into nature, feeling part of the whole; Devotion: holding to religious faith and belief; Personal responsibility: rising above judgement and beyond pardon or forgiveness

Reading the workbook and completing every exercise per chapter has allowed me to be completely honest with myself. I set aside time and ignore distractions weekly to get it done because balance is that important to me. Once I witnessed the areas in my life with the lowest scores aka the weakest links, I focused on how I can progress in those specific areas until they each match up to my highest score. Once each area in life matches up to my highest score, the goal will be to expand each one even greater.

healthy balance 2[0]

What are your thoughts after reading this article? Let’s chat below.

The Risk Is Real – Protection and Prevention of STDS and HIV/AIDs – Dominique Nimallah


photo 5-1Last week I was able to sit in on a great friend of mines workshop discussing Protection and Prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS. I must say, I was forever changed. Scurred is more accurate. (insert laugh here) No but really, I am very happy I got the chance to support because I learned some things myself. It was very real, informative and open. Dominique N. decided to make use of her HIV/AIDs counselor title and inform the youth on the importance on protection and prevention. The young men of the Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada were not afraid to ask questions and discuss the topic of sex. I can’t lie, I asked a few questions myself because no question is a stupid question. At least that’s what they say right? But the truth is, it’s better to ask than to assume, especially in cases as serious as STDs, HIV/AIDS. I didn’t want to take any chances, and you shouldn’t either.


Most STD infections present with no signs or symptoms. – So even if they appear to “look good” it’s okay/smart to ask about their most recent STD results or even go together to get checked out. If they put up a fight or get mad and curse you out, it’s best to scratch them off of your list. A bad attitude is better than the risk of you catching a STD.

The highest infected age group today is 15-25 years old!!! – If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.

Chlamydia is the most commonly reported STD in the United States.

How do I stay protected from STD’s?

Celibacy- Don’t have sex until YOU are ready to accept all of the risks
and possible permanent results that can occur. This is the ONLY way
to guarantee you will be STD free!

Use contraceptives- Condoms can prevent contraction of most STD’s and pregnancy.

Monogamy- being in a long term relationship and having only one partner can reduce your risk and prevent spreading to other people.

Know your partner’s status. Know your own status. Get tested regularly

Be on the look out for more Protection and Prevention Workshops in Southern Nevada hosted by Dominique Nimallah.

The Risk is Real!

photo 4-2