How to be there for the one friend that is always there for you…

For the most part, we all have a friend that we can call on when we need to talk, laugh, cry and all of the above. You know, the friend that has our back at the drop of a dime but never wants anything in return. Well, the next time she tells you “don’t worry about it”, worry about it. Maybe she will or will not ever feel that her love isn’t appreciated but we must always show her that we care and she can count on us as well. Here are a few things to remind your friend that she is indeed, appreciated.

BEAT HER TO THE PUNCH: If her pattern always consist of bringing you food or flowers on Sundays at 2pm, show up to her door or job at 10am with breakfast and a cute little gift that you know she will love. Just the thought of doing for her and taking her out of her ordinary routine will spark a match in her life.

PICK UP THE PHONE: If she tells you something personal or you notice her mood on a social network (facebook, twitter, etc) is a little down and out, pick up the phone and dial her phone number. Do not text her, tweet her or bbm her. You need to hear her voice and make sure she is okay. Texting and so on is impersonal and can easily get taken out of context. So pick up the phone and listen.

LISTEN: Some of our friends always know the right things to say every time, regardless if we want to hear it or not. Us on the other hand, don’t always have the words. Whenever she needs to talk, you should just listen. This reminds her that she can confide in you without being judged.

WORDS OF MEANING: Saying the words “Thank You” “I love you” “I appreciate you” “I respect you” “I trust you” and all of those words that make others feel great about themselves are necessary. Don’t say things you do not mean. But however you are feeling should be voiced. Sometimes we all need a reminder of how great we are. Be the friend that reminds her other friends.

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