No Boiz Allowed’s Vision is to find out your authentic self and allow you to express yourself unapologetically. Making women like you and I more aware in life and more confident in self recognizing that the reflection looking back at you in the mirror is honest and true. On a journey together to improve self love, happiness and success through local events, blog posts, challenges, campaigns and Girl Talk Twitter Chats.

No Boiz Allowed’s Mission is to provide the everyday young woman with support, encouragement and positive images through relative blog posts and reality challenges that force you to grow. Each woman who visits NBzA will leave feeling motivated. The No Boiz Allowed woman is to feel connected to something they may see, read or hear which reflects the brand. For that alone will truly define the No Boiz Allowed experience.



In a world full of competition and very minimum support and positive influence, Daja Robinson acted at the very chance to take the internet world in her hands. In 2011, Daja Robinson aka Miss Daja launched No Boiz Allowed; a women empowerment website designed to unmask the insecurities of the everyday woman. Since day one the brand has created an attitude of it’s own and continues to climb the ladder of social media influences, with a positive touch.

Now at the young age of 29 Daja Robinson is an expert on Empowering Women, the go-to-girl of positive change, character development and a supportive sister to those in need. “I help women young and seasoned discover their authenticity through my community service, creative marketing and visual design, workshops and web topics. I love sharing tips and sharing my personal experiences. I make the mistakes so others don’t have to. Being a big sister and having a positive voice is very much needed in today’s society. With negative portrayals of women in media, it’s easy for women to mirror what they see all because it seems like the cool thing to do. It’s also cool to be yourself and smile while doing so.” says Miss Daja.

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Naomi started her love for the fashion world at a young age. Her mother modeled in Paris and was always into the latest fashions, so naturally so was she. As a child, Naomi modeled in a few runway shows with her mother, then later dabbled in print modeling in her high school years. After a few years in front of the camera she realized her creativeness lacked an outlet. After high school Naomi decided to pursue Fashion Design and enrolled into Fashion Careers College in San Diego. Two years later she graduated with an Associates Degree in Fashion Design and Technology. Now at the age of 25, Naomi is the face of Fashion Fridays w/ Naomi and is going on her second year with No Boiz Allowed. She is working on expanding her audience with a YouTube channel as well as a clothing line. Watch her as she blossoms into a fashion icon.




 Jasmine hails from the sunny state of Florida, Miami to be exact. She is 26 years old and has made quite some marks in her writing career. She studied at Florida A&M University where she cultivated through the school of Journalism, majoring in Public Relations. She started her professional career by interning with Big Kidz Foundation, a non profit organization sponsored by Big Boi from Outkast. After that she joined Hydeia Broadbent, HIV/AIDS activist, as an intern. Now she is music contributor and blogger at a site catered to influencing young women. Her aim is to influence people one letter at a time, and one word at a time.


Disclaimer: Content on this site, is solely the opinion and personal views of the writer and/or volunteers. No Boiz Allowed, LLC is not responsible for any decisions and actions performed by you, the reader. All Products sold, purchases made, and money donated are final. No returns. Pictures and descriptions of items are as accurate as possible. All photos used are credited to the rights of the owner. Please feel free to contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

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