NoBoizAllowed x FemmesWithBenefits LIVE CHAT Review

We had an AMAZING time in the chatroom tonight! 25-30 people came through and it was SO live. We want to send out a special thank you to those faithful bloggers, as well as, the friends of FWB & NBA who came through and held it down for their gender. The chatroom was posted at the top of our blog (as well as at the top of No Boiz Allowed’s blog) at 8pm eastern and the fun began! Amongst other things we discussed: “shacking”, relationships, titles, love, communication, boasting, and the social medias effect on the way we view all of the above. We truly got down to the nitty-gritty of what we all consider to be acceptable and unacceptable. It was a great mix of individuals, ranging between the ages of 19 and 30, all with unique personalities and beliefs. The conversation got heated from time to time, but as young adults, we were able to unravel issues and agree to disagree with every point that came about. We had single moms, college students, bachelors, celibate people, and business men & women, all under one roof, sharing & learning new perspectives. All in all, we exchanged contact information in the end and even hooked a couple people up =]. Twitter was buzzing shortly after, with conversation, about how FUN it was in the chatroom & we all agreed that we needed to do this on a monthly basis. To sit down and discuss life amongst peers is truly a blessing and rarity in this day-in-age. We appreciated the 2 hour discussion full of laughs & educated debate.

Here are a few highlights from the night:

-“Our generation is lacking communication because we live in a time where we are taught to express ourselves in 140 characters, or less. As young people, we have not mastered the art of communicating effectively and thoroughly. That’s why so many of our relationships fail.”

-“It is important that you live with the person you plan on marrying BEFORE you marry them, because marriage is forever, and how can you expect to live with someone you don’t REALLY even know.”

-“I don’t believe someone should live with someone before marriage, if God said you can do it, why CANT you?”

-“If I was to ask a girl to marry me and she said okay, no sex until the wedding, I would honestly, have to reconsider the relationship, because I feel as if I REALLY don’t know her.”

-“I don’t have sex, it’s an agreement that has been made with my boyfriend — we know we will be together forever, so we’re just working on building our spiritual relationship with God, before all other types of relations.”

-“You ought to make these decisions from the beginning and not decide to stop for a couple of months. If that’s what you have to do to ‘test’ your love, then you shouldn’t be getting married in the first place. The test should be before the ring.”

-“My current husband, has NEVER been with a black girl before — I’m his first; he said he just didn’t like the attitude he would get from black woman and that black woman usually were not willing to do as much as a white woman was.”

-“Why is it that we can come to a common ground when in discussions like this, but in real life, we go for the complete opposite of what we want?”

-“If he expects me to please him, I expect him to teach me.”

-“Guys expect girls to know everything, but they fail to realize, every man doesn’t like the same thing.”

-“Facebook commenting on an inappropriate picture of someone of the opposite sex, while in a relationship, seems petty — but at the end of the day, it’s not about the comment, it’s about the respect.”

-“Since you’ve been married before and now are remarried, can you share some advice on WHEN to not say “I DO” so we don’t make the same mistake?! —- If you guys are arguing a lot and in that argument you are being disrespected, don’t walk away, RUN!”

-“Society has made sex, marriage, and divorce a casualty. A covenant between anyone, including God, no longer means anything.. It has no value.”

-“All of us guys will say how REAL we are, how FAITHFUL we are, and how much we LOVE you — but always remember: ALL OF GUYS SAY THAT. Don’t fall for it.”

-“My problem with women is that you all want TOO much, TOO soon.”

-“Everybody can brag but let me ask your exes.”

-“I don’t think it’s appropriate for a friend to date an ex; why would you even WANT to date your friend’s ex, they’re an ex for a reason.”

-“See, we guys are different, we don’t mind — as long as we didn’t love the girl, you can have her.”

-“If you don’t qualify for other aspects of my life, you won’t even qualify for my bedroom.”

-“How many of you ladies are single, lol, it refreshing to hear intelligent women speak.”

Even if you weren’t able to attend, we hope that you were able to get some of this dropped knowledge from tonight! Thank you guys for all of your support! We’ll do this again in about 3 weeks and we hope everyone can attend (although even 25 seemed to be a little crowded, lol). We all have something to say & something to ask, but you will never be heard, unless you speak up. We’re doing this for us and we’re doing this for you. Communication is one-of-a-kind; a luxury. Only some of us can get it. The question is will you be willing to pay the time. =].

Written by Kimberly of FemmesWithBenefits (check their website out)

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