Still Unsure Of Your Own Personal Style? Here Are Tips To Discover It.

With the everyday chaos of our lives, our personal style can easily be lost amongst our to do lists. Working a 9 to 5, feeding the kids and hubby, cooking, cleaning …. making time for yourself can seem nearly impossible! The process will take some time, but will be worth it in the end. Finding your personal style is really all about self discovery. What you wear can say a lot about your personality and who you are as a person. Your personal style will help build confidence and set you apart from the crowd! First impressions are everything, so why not step out in style!

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Find your personality! Write down words that describe your personality and words that describe the woman you want to become/portray.
  • Find your body type and pick clothes that flatter your figure. Have items that don’t fit quite right tailored.
  • Take some time to evaluate your current wardrobe, let go of items you haven’t touched in over a year!
  • With evaluating your current items, put together outfits and take pictures. Make notes of items that you like and dislike.
  • Make notes of outfits you get the most compliments in. Try to recreate the look by mixing it up a little for the next time.
  • Create a style diary. Take inspiration from magazines, people who inspire you and pieces from your own wardrobe. Put these things in your diary and take notes. Your diary can be added to over time whenever you find new inspiration. This is your style study guide!
  • Don’t let others influence you negatively, its YOUR personal style. Have fun and take chances!
  • Borrow items from friends or relatives to see if things in their wardrobe may work for you.
  • Ask a friend for help, someone whose style you admire.

… if all else fails hire a fashion consultant! Their job is to find out what works best for your shape and personality. Here is a quiz I found to help you better determine your personal style. If you need some ideas of outfits to fit your body type, here is a website that can help.

Quiz: Click Here To Take Fashion Style Quiz

Web site: Click Here To View Website

“Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal” -CoCo Chanel

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