Meet LaShawnna Stanley, CEO of Ethnicity Models + Join Our Live Twitter Chat!

(LaShawnna Stanley – The Beautiful Lady in Red)

“I am obsessed with empowering women and making them look and feel beautiful from the inside out!”


LaShawnna Stanley, a beautiful woman of color, a teenage mom at the age of 15 and now a grandmother of four, has been a fighter her entire life and has made it her quest to empower women of color to love themselves.

Being a teenage mom LaShawnna refused to become a stereotype. As a no-nonsense self-taught entrepreneur she has been at the vanguard of redefining beauty through the agency she created, Ethnicity Models. LaShawnna teaches women to APPRECIATE their skin tones, unique features and varied silhouettes but NOT be exploited by them.

Ms. Stanley is a hero to women’s empowerment! She has appeared on national networks such as BET’s Hip-Hop vs. America, UPN news, and Vh1′s Hip-Hop Videos: Sexpolitation On The Set defending the rights of women in the music industry. LaShawnna has also been featured in major publications such as Black Enterprise, VIBE Magazine, The Source, Hip-Hop Weekly, KING, & XXL. Her company is the “go to” agency for hiring a diverse group of beautiful ethnic women, she’s hosted charitable events for Magic Johnson, Donald Trump, and Alonzo Mourning. As a favorite amongst A-List clientele; Diddy, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Usher, and Kanye West only scratch the surface of her company’s infamous resume.

Through it all LaShawnna is resolute in her determination to help women of color realize their true potential. This can be seen as she visits schools and youth centers with her models to teach young girls, college students, teenage moms and women in general about self-esteem, believing in themselves, and following their dreams.

LaShawnna Stanley is a motivational/inspirational/informational speaker on a number of Hip Hop and women empowerment topics such as “Hip Hop & The Sexplotation of women” dissipate stereotypes and learn the truth about the women in hip hop music videos from an inside perspective. “Empowering Teen moms to beat the odds” Dream big and don’t limit yourself. “Empowering Women to become Entrepreneurs ” Create your own destiny. Become your own boss. Ms. Stanley is also available to facilitate modeling workshops and seminars.

Visit Ethnicity Models to learn more about LaShawnnas Modeling Agency. Be sure to tune into our Live Twitter Chat going down in 30 mins on Twitter. Simply join in or follow along with the hashtag #iAmBeautiful

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Join us for the #iAmBeautiful Live Twitter Chat – CONFIDENCE, IMAGE, SELF-ESTEEM


I’m sure there has come a time in your life where you were unsure about who you were, what you wanted. Possibly even a little self conscious about the color of your skin, the texture of your hair and maybe you’ve even taken it as far as to compare yourself to the girl next door you thought was perfect. Well, she had issues too that you didn’t see and we’re here to talk about it.

Join us for our first ever Twitter Chat. Saturday September 7th @ 12 NOON est / 9AM pst. I will be your host @_noboizallowed , and will be conducting a Q & A with LaShawnna Stanley, CEO of Ethnicity Models. Read more about her story HERE. Our chat will be moderated by Mahogani B. Be sure to follow us all and let us know so we can follow you back. Our hashtag during the chat will be #iAmBeautiful so make sure you follow along and participate by tagging that phrase during our session. We are going to get to the bottom line of beauty and push past those barriers that were once holding us back. Tell a friend to join us as well. I promise, you don’t want to miss this.


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15 Reasons Why You Should Forget Your Problems & Smile Right Now

thais-arac3bajo copy

Honest emotions make us human. I don’t believe in good or bad days as much as I believe in moments. When we write off an entire day and mark it as “bad” we’re not allowing ourselves to celebrate every moment for what it truly is. Yes something may happen today that will rub you the wrong way and it’s so easy to get lost in our problems that sometimes feel like the end of the world. But being happy is a choice and when you remind yourself of reasons to remain positive, you will indeed celebrate more happy moments which will result in better days. For me, I fall short of being happy 24/7. But as amazing as time is, I get a dose of perspective when I watch in action or hear of someone else’s problems that make my own seem like it’s no problem at all.

If for whatever reason you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or have yet to fall asleep due to a great amount of stress, I am going to give you…


  • 15. Because there is nobody else like you. To understand that you are made in your own light, with your own imperfections, your own talents, your own beauty.. It’s a confidence booster.
  • 14. Because your lips look amazing in that red lipstick.

  • 13. Because someone you know (or maybe yourself) just accomplished something. Whether they graduated from School (Pre-K/High School/College), got married or had a baby. These are all milestones in someone you loves life. You have every reason to live in this moment.
  • 12. Because smiling tricks the body into thinking it’s happy. I know it’s awkward to smile with a face full of tears but try it. Your tears will eventually dry up but your mood won’t.
  • 11. Because we are just 9 days away from the official first day of summer. But the weather already feels good enough to enjoy.
  • 10. Because just when you thought your world was upside down, you overcame that obstacle and lived to tell about it.

  • 09. Because you didn’t brush, floss, whiten or get braces for free. You paid for it. Own it.
  • 08. Because it’s a new day and a chance to start over. A chance to make your today better than your yesterday. You have the control to make your day whatever you want it to be.
  • 07. Because those killer shoes, that perfect dress and those pretty earrings you just bought are going to look great on you this weekend.
  • 06. Because you’ve come too far to give up now. Not everybody knows or will understand your story but it’s yours. Own it.
  • 05. Because it’s contagious. I don’t think you realized that your smile just brightened up someone’s day. When you spread your lips apart, that little girl who was staring at you became comfortable and smiled back. The guy behind you instantly became attracted to you.
  • 04. Because it’s healthy. Smiling lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, relieves stress, releases endorphins, lifts the face and makes you look younger. Sheesh, if that’s not enough then I don’t know what to tell you.
  • 03. Because someone loves you. No seriously, they do.
  • 02. Because you’re going to get over the fear that has been holding you back and claim peace, happiness and prosperity starting now.
  • 01. Because you are enough. You’re beautiful inside and out so believe it, receive it and pass it on.

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This month my goal is to complete all of the books I’ve started before I begin another. That’s a bad habit that I intend to break. So my first book is “Be Your Own Boyfriend” by Kaneisha Grayson. This book so far has gotten me in the lane of embracing myself a little more and testing my limits. I find myself relating to so many of Kaneisha’s past relationship experiences that it’s ridiculous. Of course we always think we’re the only ones going through a certain situation but when you hear others with similar stories, it becomes that much more real. The advice I’ve taken up to this point has made me really look at my life in ways I haven’t once done so. And if a book can help you move forward from your past, open up about your individuality and smile through the b.s. then I am all for it.

One insert from this book that I wanted to share were these tips on helping women get a better grip on taking care of lifestyle chores themselves without having to call your dad, brother or boyfriend for help. The idea isn’t to force you to hate men and think you can do everything on your own, the idea is more so getting you to understand that you can do more than you think without depending on another being to do it for you. Not only can it save you in time and money but it can empower and help you feel great about accomplishing certain tasks alone.

There is something sexy about a woman who can get her hands dirty then get back to business like nothing happened.

Obviously, it’s impossible to be an expert at everything, but it is important that you know how to handle unexpected situations. Here’s a list of random things every woman should be prepared to do herself or get taken care of without relying on a boyfriend or a relative. Think of it as a starter to-do list for being a fully confident and independent woman:


  • unclog a toilet
  • assemble furniture
  • set up electronic equipment
  • set mouse traps and dispose of them (It’s totally okay to do the “This is so nasty!” dance in the process, though.)
  • cook healthy (even if very simple) meals for yourself
  • speak up for yourself when you are being given poor customer service
  • assertively confront anyone who has wronged you, regardless of whether that person is a friend, colleague, or an authority figure (The point here is to be confident enough to do so-not that you have to confront every single person you think has ever offended you.)
  • get and keep a job or generate income legally and consistently
  • save and budget your money
  • understand, file, and pay your taxes
  • plan and financially prepare for retirement
  • properly use a condom and at least one other contraceptive measure
  • drive a car (automatic and manual)
  • live for up to two weeks with-out running water or electricity (I’ve lived for extended periods of time without running water or electricity, and it is not a game!)
  • conduct CPR and basic first aid
  • give yourself a monthly breast exam
  • change a tire
  • jumpstart a car
  • get yourself home or to a safe place from wherever you are
  • properly use pepper spray (you don’t want to end up pepper spraying yourself!)
  • defend yourself against a physical attacker
  • know where the nearest embassy for your country is when traveling abroad
  • introduce yourself and ask for help in the local language of a country you are traveling in
  • use a compass and read a map (Google Maps doesn’t count)
  • report a crime that has been perpetrated against you

As I went through this list, I checked off the ones that I’ve mastered or experienced and laughed at the ones I never really thought mattered. I do know, I have some work to do. Now some of you may have some or even all of these down to the t and if you are that girl, hi-five. But every individual is different so if you are the girl that knows nothing on this list, you’re not alone. A question to you all, how many of these are you experienced in? If there are any that you haven’t quite figured out, tried or thought was necessary, challenge yourself to do them asap. Knowledge is power girl and experience is even better.

Find Kaneisha Graysons BYOB – Be Your Own Boyfriend

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Love She by The Journ3y – Hot New Tshirt


Designed by Staci Dartis for The Journ3y!

Love the skin you’re in. Your perceived imperfections make You beautiful…in fact they define You. LOVE SHE- the woman within…the woman without clothes, the woman that is truly You.

I received my tshirt in the mail recently and fell in love with the message. Pieces that embody confidence, love and empowerment speak to me on a personal level that holds dear to my heart and this one wasn’t any different. The day I decided to wear my Love She Tee, a few people stopped me to read the shirt and even questioned me about what it says, the purpose behind it and where I got it from. The more looks I received, the more confident I felt. Thank you Jasmine.

Order your Love She Shirts HERE and follow The Jounr3y on her Journ3y!

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