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This Season I’ve noticed more and more women working out and attempting to get right for the spring and summer. I love the motivation and the dedication but I’ve also noticed that the majority only focus on their abs and their butt. There is much more body definition than such. One thing that can and will always stand out on a woman is her legs. Below I have put together 5 of my favorite leg workouts along with their benefits. These exercises can be done at home or around your neighborhood. You don’t necessarily need a gym membership. All you need is a little time and dedication.

toned-legs Here are the top 5 leg workouts that will keep your legs in shape this spring and summer.

SQUATS WITH WEIGHTS– Squats support body – weight. They help with mobility and balance. When done correctly, squats improve knee stability and strengthen muscle tissue. An added bonus is that squats help lift and tone the butt.

ALTERNATE LUNGES– Lunges give great strength to leg muscles and can increase hip flexibility. Performing lunges work your hamstrings, and the gastrocnemius and soleus of the calf. Lunges also tone your butt by shaping the lower half and giving you the round shape. It has been proven that lunges improve your core strength, which leads to better posture and balance. Your core muscles include those of your abdomen, back, chest, pelvis and butt.

INNER-THIGH LIFTS– This exercise helps to remove inner body fat in the thigh area. Inner thigh lifts are the most difficult exercise in terms of seeing fast results but if you stay consist, the results are amazing.

SCISSORS– The scissors exercise work your legs as well as your abs. What better way to workout than 2 for 1’s. Scissors work your toughest leg muscles. The Pilates scissors will help to stretch the hamstrings and strengthen the powerhouse–muscles around your abdomen, lower back and hip joint, along with the pelvis floor.

STAIRS– Climbing stairs is the quickest exercise to losing weight. It burns calories fast and strengthens the heart. Studies have shown that including stairs in your exercise regimen has been linked to the reduction risk of heart disease.



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