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#iAmBeautiful Twitter Chat Recap – See How It All Went Down


Saturday Sept. 7th at 9AM PST / 12 Noon EST kicked off No Boiz Allowed‘s 1st ever Twitter Chat as an introduction to the I Am Beautiful Movement and Campaign. I had the pleasure of interviewing LaShawnna Stanley, CEO of Ethnicity Models, live while the participating audience engaged in the conversation as well. The overall chat was amazing as we discussed topics about Self Love, Image and Confidence. The ladies brought their A-Game and honesty to the table and we may have even gained a few friends along the way. Yes, new friends. No thanks to Drake. There was a total of 33 women and even 2 fellas chatting away at once and I am completely grateful for all of your support. In case you missed it, here is a recap of the interview itself between myself and @MsEthnicity


A1. Having to struggle motivated me to want more for my daughter so she wouldn’t have to face the same obstacles.

A2. A few keys to building self esteem: learn to love yourself, not seeking validation from others, stop comparing yourself. Not comparing yourself to others is one of the key factors in overcoming low self esteem. Also realize that building self esteem is very similar to working out. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a continual process. Delete negative ppl out your life. Others negative words and thoughts is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

A3. I recommend using daily positive thought affirmations, that helps reprogram ur subconscious mind. “I love myself, I am beautiful just the way God made me and everybody loves me!”  is a good one. If the negative ppl are family members it’s okay to love them from a distance. Everyone doesn’t have to be in your everyday life. Finding out who you really are requires being totally open, honest with yourself about yourself!

We often build up false images about ourselves in order to cope with the things we don’t like about who we are. We have to get butt naked to our soul, drop all the masks and be honest about our faults, who we are, what we want and what we need. We often build who we think we are based off the opinions of others, past life experiences, our environment etc. We have to let all of that go andgo within! You can only find your true self by dropping all false identities.

A4. We should place 0 responsibility on social media for our self esteem it’s called “SELF” esteem not “others” esteem. Social media gives people a false sense of validation. A bunch of strangers opinions have nothing to do with who you really are. Self esteem isn’t what others think, it’s what and how you feel about yourself truly on the inside. Social media should be used to have fun and sell whatever the hell it is u are selling! Anything else is hog wash! Don’t believe the hype!

A5. Self help books can be one of the best ways of guidance for girls without positive roles models in their lives. Also the Internet is our best friend. You can listen to positive people like Joel Osteen, Tony Robbins, Oprah and others online. As women we can volunteer with young girls and women organizations targeted to help women…we can also simply live by example.

A6. Teaching young girls to be confident with themselves has to start at an early age. It starts at home. Having dolls that reflect the way they look help in a major way with girls looking at themselves as beautiful. Turn the tv off! We don’t want tv dictating how our kids feel about themselves based off of images on tv. Studying history about women that look like them at a early age helps with building self esteem. Involving young girls in activities that make them feel better about them selves is a good way as well.

A7. We dictate how people treat us! If you accept negative treatment, you receive negative treatment. Also the energy we resonate about how we feel about ourselves dictate how people treat us. Look up quantum physics. Treat yourself like a queen, act like a queen and be treated like a queen! Settle for nothing less!


And that was only LaShawnna’s answers. The other ladies went in as well and made really great points. But by then, I was placed in twitter jail from tweeting, retweeting and talking too much (side eye). However, that didn’t stop the show. The audience was still pouring their hearts out and tweeting to anyone who would listen, read and interact with the #iAmBeautiful chat. Here are a few powerful statements you may have missed…

  • I think learning to be comfortable with who you are comes from parenting. My mom always told me I could be whatever I want. I just better try to be the best at whatever that was. That allowed me to search and find out what and who I wanted to be. Now as a woman. Following God and being comfortable with who I’ve become has allowed me to be confident. We also need to be teaching the difference between entertainment and reality. Because those lines are so blurred – @LissaMarieONL
  • Most importantly get to know God! HE is the center of clarification for all things especially his most beautiful creation: YOU. And if you make it to the top pull your sisters up too! Provide them with resources or useful tools for success. Show the way. – @ashdaone1
  • We control who we follow, what we read and what we fill our brains with. Its about deciding what we pay attention to. – @beautyoftheweek
  • We need to start approaching women with open arms instead of a wagging finger… These type of discussions need to be in our schools and community centers (the ones still open) or in the street on a soapbox. Why do we teach Our Young girls to be mothers first instead of wives? We have to realize change starts with us.. our kids shouldnt raise themselves. – @Mr.Controversy
  • We have to get back to a ‘village’ mentality. We are family. We must raise each other.@lindseycholmes


Please feel free to search the #iAmBeautiful hashtag for the full 1 1/2 hour chat. This is the first of many. People are already asking about the next one. Stay tuned. What were your thoughts about the chat?!

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Meet LaShawnna Stanley, CEO of Ethnicity Models + Join Our Live Twitter Chat!

(LaShawnna Stanley – The Beautiful Lady in Red)

“I am obsessed with empowering women and making them look and feel beautiful from the inside out!”


LaShawnna Stanley, a beautiful woman of color, a teenage mom at the age of 15 and now a grandmother of four, has been a fighter her entire life and has made it her quest to empower women of color to love themselves.

Being a teenage mom LaShawnna refused to become a stereotype. As a no-nonsense self-taught entrepreneur she has been at the vanguard of redefining beauty through the agency she created, Ethnicity Models. LaShawnna teaches women to APPRECIATE their skin tones, unique features and varied silhouettes but NOT be exploited by them.

Ms. Stanley is a hero to women’s empowerment! She has appeared on national networks such as BET’s Hip-Hop vs. America, UPN news, and Vh1′s Hip-Hop Videos: Sexpolitation On The Set defending the rights of women in the music industry. LaShawnna has also been featured in major publications such as Black Enterprise, VIBE Magazine, The Source, Hip-Hop Weekly, KING, & XXL. Her company is the “go to” agency for hiring a diverse group of beautiful ethnic women, she’s hosted charitable events for Magic Johnson, Donald Trump, and Alonzo Mourning. As a favorite amongst A-List clientele; Diddy, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Usher, and Kanye West only scratch the surface of her company’s infamous resume.

Through it all LaShawnna is resolute in her determination to help women of color realize their true potential. This can be seen as she visits schools and youth centers with her models to teach young girls, college students, teenage moms and women in general about self-esteem, believing in themselves, and following their dreams.

LaShawnna Stanley is a motivational/inspirational/informational speaker on a number of Hip Hop and women empowerment topics such as “Hip Hop & The Sexplotation of women” dissipate stereotypes and learn the truth about the women in hip hop music videos from an inside perspective. “Empowering Teen moms to beat the odds” Dream big and don’t limit yourself. “Empowering Women to become Entrepreneurs ” Create your own destiny. Become your own boss. Ms. Stanley is also available to facilitate modeling workshops and seminars.

Visit Ethnicity Models to learn more about LaShawnnas Modeling Agency. Be sure to tune into our Live Twitter Chat going down in 30 mins on Twitter. Simply join in or follow along with the hashtag #iAmBeautiful

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Join us for the #iAmBeautiful Live Twitter Chat – CONFIDENCE, IMAGE, SELF-ESTEEM


I’m sure there has come a time in your life where you were unsure about who you were, what you wanted. Possibly even a little self conscious about the color of your skin, the texture of your hair and maybe you’ve even taken it as far as to compare yourself to the girl next door you thought was perfect. Well, she had issues too that you didn’t see and we’re here to talk about it.

Join us for our first ever Twitter Chat. Saturday September 7th @ 12 NOON est / 9AM pst. I will be your host @_noboizallowed , and will be conducting a Q & A with LaShawnna Stanley, CEO of Ethnicity Models. Read more about her story HERE. Our chat will be moderated by Mahogani B. Be sure to follow us all and let us know so we can follow you back. Our hashtag during the chat will be #iAmBeautiful so make sure you follow along and participate by tagging that phrase during our session. We are going to get to the bottom line of beauty and push past those barriers that were once holding us back. Tell a friend to join us as well. I promise, you don’t want to miss this.


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Meet Young, Ambitious and Beautiful


1. First I would like you ladies to start off by introducing yourselves individually, your roles behind Y.A.B. and explain how you came together to develop Y.A.B – Young, Ambitious and Beautiful?

My role is mainly the social media and public relations coordinator for Y.A.B. I (Lauren) handle the networking and media outreach for all of our Y.A.B. endeavors. My role then connects to Daisy’s role. Daisy is the membership outreach and event coordinator. Through the connections I make I transfer that information over to Daisy to help build up our Y.A.B. team. Many of our venture partners and they’re collaborative events with Y.A.B. have been developed through this system within Y.A.B. Daisy’s role then connects to Courtney’s role, which is as the technology and design coordinator. Courtney handles all of our merchandise and website design, which includes retrieving information from our members and venture partners. All of our roles are many times intertwined depending upon our schedules or what current projects we are developing. Due to the fact that we plan to expand to other cities and build up a Y.A.B. team there, it is imperative that we know each other’s roles in order to fill them in other areas. Y.A.B. came together in January of 2012 after Daisy and I realized that there was a void in female entrepreneurship and development. Coming off of a previous working relationship with Courtney, I knew that all three of us would be the perfect fit for developing Y.A.B. From there, Y.A.B. began and we have yet to stop since.

2. I think this is an awesome and necessary organization you ladies have. For someone interested in becoming a member of Y.A.B. how can they do so?

To become a member of Y.A.B., anyone can simply visit our website A link to the application is available on the website and there’s also information about our current members. Additionally, our social media is very active. Many times when people reach out to us via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, we are very responsive. We select individuals based upon the application criteria.

3. What has been the biggest lesson learned during your journey with Young, Ambitious and Beautiful?

The biggest lesson learned during our Y.A.B. journey would have to be being cognizant of different partnerships. Although Y.A.B. believes in “lifting as we climb” and female support, there are still women of color who do not take that same approach. It is very unfortunate, but it is an unfortunate reality. Our work ethic is manifested in our events and projects; however, we have experienced many different work ethics that do not necessarily match up. Overall, I believe that our professionalism and incessant faith have contributed to us always being able to prevail in any situation

4. Overall, what message do you hope to influence others with?

We hope to influence others with the message that inspiration begins with you giving without expecting anything in return. We have received so much positive feedback both in person and through social media because of our consistent approach of promoting other businesses and organizations’ events or projects without hesitation. We want to continue that approach and hopefully it will foster a larger scale of relationships and networks amongst women of color. 


5. How do each of you feel about the latest Food and Drug Administrations issue which allows a girl as young as 15 years old to purchase the Plan B pill without a parents knowledge or approval?

I think we could all agree that 15 is a very young age to make decisions about your body, especially seeing our own growth and development and knowing how long it takes to truly develop into a woman, including sexually; however, in today’s ever growing society, there is another component to this legal decision. From our mentoring experience and simply having once been the age of 15, many young teen girls come from different backgrounds. Every young girl does not have an involved parent or open parent that will build a relationship with their teenage daughter and provide guidance in that particular department of their lives. Due to this, there should be options for all types of girls to protect their health and ultimately their future. If a parent has developed a strong relationship with their child, many times they will have the intuition to know what’s going on in their child’s life and the child will be open to coming to them. In this multi-dimensional 21st century, there seems to be more laws being developed that allow for people to be treated as individual entities and not categorized in a cluster of people. 

6. Everbody is different when it comes to who and what sparks the inspiration button in them but for you what/who keeps you ladies motivated and inspired?

The main factor that keeps us motivated is knowing the impact that we could make. Seeing how far we’ve come in over only a year shows us that with more time, growth, and development, we would have surpassed our dreams beyond measure. We’ve already accomplished so many things that we did not fathom when we first began back in January of 2012, which helps to inspire us to continue to push forward. 

7. We know that sometimes the pressure and bad influence can start from home and definitely in our communities but from your experience, how important do you feel it is to reach out and help guide the young ladies in our communities?

We find it extremely imperative to play a pivotal role in young ladies’ lives. The pubertal development stage for adolescents is one of the most important stages of their overall lives. Not simply because of peer pressure, hormonal changes, and academic strain, but also because this is the most vulnerable stage. From our mentorship program, we have experienced that many young girls don’t know that they can develop a career in any field of choice at any age. Because of this, many times they turn into women that don’t know that they can develop a career in any field of choice at any age. We want to give young ladies the notion that they control the fate of their future. That is one of our main goals with not only our mentorship program but in general. 

8. What do you wish to achieve in the next 2 years with Young, Ambitious and Beautiful?

In the next 2 years, we wish to have at least 10 new cities fully flourishing with Y.A.B. members and venture partners, at least 5 annual events, sponsorships from different companies promoting women of color and multicultural affairs, and 40 new publication features, at least 20 of those being shed in a mainstream light. We believe that this can be accomplished because in year we have 3 cities flourishing with Y.A.B. members and venture partners, 1 annual event, and 20 publication features. If we continue to progress, the business will definitely continue to grow. 

9. If you could choose one woman that is well known to be the face of Y.A.B., who would you choose and why?

We would have to say Michelle Obama. Not only does she impose style and grace on mainstream society, but she never ceases being ambitious. Even with a husband that has a career status of the highest notoriety in the U.S., she still chooses to be involved, let her voice be heard as an individual, and build her own career; not to mention she does it all while remaining youthful in spirit and beautiful in nature. That is truly the embodiment of being Young, Ambitious, and Beautiful. 

10. Where can the viewers keep in contact with you?

Instagram: @iamyab

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INSTAGASM : 20 Instagram Lifestyle Faves That You Should Follow


As the digital world becomes more popular, the ladies are taking advantage of this social media frenzy and I don’t blame them. Team iPhone and Team Android have the privilege of this new world of storytelling in the form of pictures. You may know it as Instagram. For me, it’s more like Instagasm. We all have the few pages we need our daily fixing of whether it’s for their outfit of the day, inspirational words or beauty tips. I compiled a list of 5 ladies to represent each area of the following; fashion, inspiration, fitness and hair. Be sure to check them out and if you have faves of your own, leave their names below and we will be sure to follow them. Oh, and of course follow No Boiz Allowed as well.

fashion2 copy copy

1. Androgynous_Douby

This beauty isn’t afraid to take risks. With her unique style ranging from girly to tomboy chic, she kills every look, every time.

2. Jnelv

A local of Las Vegas, NV shares her daily wardrobe picks and fashion goodies from some of your favorite designers. This IGer is one I definitely look forward to whenever I’m on logged in.

3. StafaniMilano

Bright, bold and beautiful pieces is what you can find on Stafani Milano. She gives us fashion inspiration and confidence with a killer smile to add the icing on the cake.

4.  Stasmarie

Innovator is one word to describe Stasi and her style. With inspiration from her late boyfriend, you can find her decked out in pieces from their line Michael Marie. And when she’s not repping her own brand, you can find her in pieces that the average person wouldn’t be able to get away with on a normal day. A passion for fashion is an understatement when mentioning Stasi.

5. Ema_d_diva

From prints to loud statement pieces and hair to match, this diva shares her fashion looks that can range from H&M to your favorite high end designers.



inspiration1 copy copy

1. NicoleMMelton

As the beauty editor and face of essence magazine, Nicole Melton takes us through her daily and weekly beauty finds, testing products, events and even shares with us her diet, spiritual and skin challenges. I always find myself learning from Nicole and taking mental note of things to try, practice or study.

2. ichasedreams

Korinn Carter, Founder of Chase Dreams Not Boys reminds us how important it is for every woman to embrace the Queen in herself. Whether it’s as a Mother, Wife or 20 something, having a positive role model changing lives in our web community is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

3. TionnaSmalls

“Started from the bottom now we here” is the song that best describes this self-starter, entrepreneur and goal-digger. Tionna Smalls literally started out with little to nothing yet worked her way up what can be considered her own lane and now she’s gracing the spreads in magazines, your television screens and books on the shelves. Tionna is definitely someone’s energy I would recommend you feed off of.

4. alex_elle

As an artist, Alex Elle uses the form of expression in every way possible but the one thing that always stands out to me about her is her ability to stay positive and true to herself. A young woman at such peace in her life isn’t afraid to let us in and share what works for her.

5. KarenCivil

You can’t possibly think you know Hip Hop if you don’t know Karen Civil. As a protege’ to some of your favorite Hip Hop Artist like lil’ Wayne, Meek Mill, Dr. Dre and more, Civil is a Brand Ambassador that is highly recommended and most of all respected. She shares her daily life events through Instagram that can hopefully motivate you to push past your limits and let your work speak for itself.

fitness copy copy

1. msjeanettejenkins

We’ve seen the pictures, clips, dvds and articles about Jeanette Jenkins and even some of your favorite Celebs have vouched for her. Jenkins challenges her followers to different fitness routines and also shares how it’s done. Using her body as an example is motivation enough.

2. lanagem + vitaminellen

Like Mother like Daughter couldn’t have been said at a better time than this. The family duo has teamed up and they’re changing lives, one dvd at a time. Lana and Ellen share life changing stories and images of women that have gone through and are currently going through their fitness journey. Each picture gets better and better and the results are even more amazing with each update.

3. mankofit

Mankofit shares her story about how a life changing tragedy motivated her to let go of excuses and push past her fears. A tragedy that had Doctors telling her that she wouldn’t be able to perform like a normal human being encouraged her to turn it into triumph. Mankofit strives daily to reach health and fitness goals all while inspiring her followers to do the same. You have to see it to believe it so follow her.

4. mstisch

With a body to die for, not literally but one that is built off of pure dedication and hard work, Ms. Tisch shows us that anything is possible. Don’t be offended by her cute workout gear and even cuter curvy poses. She’s earned it! Ms. Tisch encourages us to just “do it” instead of talking about it.

5. followthelita

The most inspirational fitness IGer I’ve ever seen. FollowTheLita describes in detail her weaknesses and her strengths and even takes us on her workout routines and runs for the day. Lita struggles and has insecurities like the rest of us but what makes her special is she isn’t afraid to share them and fix them publicly. She’s definitely someone to add to your daily IG check list.



hair1 copy

1. mybraids

Braids are fun and easy but a lazy day hairstyle that you can either dress up or dress down. My Braids has different unique looks that you can try out.

2. iikandii88

iKandi shares her hair journey with different styles, techniques and products. Naturalista’s are becoming more popular by the day and she is definitely one to commend. If you’ve been thinking about making the transition, be sure to include her in your list to follow.

3. beautybylee

Curls for days is an understatement. But not only does Lee share her fabulous hair with the rest of us, she also shares beauty and makeup looks and tips. One stop shop to all things fab is what you can find on beautybylee’s instagram.

4. msdanti

Some may know this popular Makeup Artist, YouTuber or Naturalista Sista that has never had her hair relaxed. No matter how you know her, I’m pretty sure you love her. Positive woman she is whom loves to share her reviews with us as well as the results to match.

5. sadiddyworld

Specializing in color, weave and cuts, Angel of Faces of Angels is the go-to hair specialist in Las Vegas, NV. As a young entrepreneur and business owner, Angel prides herself in being great and transforming your hair to do the same. If you’re ever in the Las Vegas area, be sure to check her out but in the meantime, follow her on IG.

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