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Getting To Know Myself || 50 Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself


Have you ever sat back and realized that you don’t know yourself as well as you thought you did? Well, you’re not the only one. Thoughts run through our minds daily and we may not realize how much control we have over our minds but that is simply because we’re not always honest with ourselves. Give yourself a chance to ask the right questions honestly and your mind and possibly your actions will change. I’ve come up with 50 questions for you and I to ask ourselves so don’t be afraid to answer them. Your answers may scare you or simply motivate you. It’s up to you.

  • 01. Who am I?
  • 02. What am I passionate about?
  • 03. What do I have to lose if I just did that one thing I’ve always wanted to do?
  • 04. When was the last time I tried something new?
  • 05. What is one change I can make about myself to bring more peace and happiness to my life?
  • 06. Am I proud to tell people where I work?
  • 07. When was the last time I was proud of myself?
  • 08. What would I do differently if I knew others wouldn’t judge me?
  • 09. Do I ask enough questions or do I settle for what I know?
  • 10. How much of my spirituality plays a role in my life?
  • 11. If I could choose one song to describe my life, what would it be?
  • 12. Do the 5 people I spend the most time with reflect who I am, want to be and achieve in life?
  • 13. What habits would I like to quit? pick up?
  • 14. When do I feel the most inspired? (morning, night, after talking to a specific someone, etc)
  • 15. Am I content with my current state of finances?
  • 16. How can I make more money doing what I love?
  • 17. What do I want more of in my life? (list it)
  • 18. What do I want less of in my life? (list it)
  • 19. What am I afraid of?
  • 20. What and who makes me smile?
  • 21. Did I do my best today?
  • 22. Who would cry the most at my funeral?
  • 23. What am I most grateful for?
  • 24. Do I make people feel good about themselves?
  • 25. Do I allow other people to talk to me the way I sometimes talk to myself?
  • 26. Do I take the advice I tend to give?
  • 27. Is there anything or anyone from my past that I need to let go of that is holding me back from my future? 
  • 28. If there were no limitations on money, how would I live my life?
  • 29. What do I want to accomplish in 1 year, 3 years, 5 and 10 years?
  • 30. How many times have I been in love? 
  • 31. What have I learned from each relationship?
  • 32. What do I want in an ideal partner?
  • 32. What are my best qualities?
  • 34. When was the last time I said “no” to someone?
  • 35. How important is other people’s opinions about me, to me?
  • 36. Am I settling in life?
  • 37. How much am I willing to sacrifice to make my dreams become my reality?
  • 38. Do I tend to compare myself to others?
  • 39. What does a perfect day for me consist of from morning to night?
  • 40. What good qualities that the people I admire, share?
  • 41. When is the last time I visited a doctor for a clean bill of health? (dentist, physical, eye exams, etc)
  • 42. What has been my greatest achievement this far?
  • 43. How do I want to leave this earth and be remembered?
  • 44. What are my favorite hobbies?
  • 45. What does happiness look like to me?
  • 46. What is my deepest secret?
  • 47. Am I a great friend to others?
  • 48. Who are the 3 people who have had the greatest influence on me in the past and the 3 in the present?
  • 49. Do I listen more to my heart or to my brain?
  • 50. What has been the biggest change for me in the last 5 years?

If answered with 100% honesty, some of these questions just may spark a change in you. But you will never know until you do it.

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i AM – Learning to accept myself for who I am and love myself for who I am becoming

IAM copy

A few months ago I had a conversation with my grandma that put a spark in me. One that was never really there before. I was a little down and out about my situation at the time and was just venting to her because I tell her basically everything. She listened the whole time and let me vent to her about whatever was on my mind without saying a word. Then when I was finished she simply told me, smile and be happy for who you are, how far you’ve made it and who you’re becoming. Accept it. And another thing, whatever your situation is at the moment is only temporary but never lose yourself. If you’re used to making yourself happy by doing certain things, do them.

That was all I needed to hear. I’ve been learning to accept myself more and more and worrying less and less of the opinions of others. Yes, I want to make a great impression and be an influence but I will not do things that aren’t true to my authenticity. It was placed on my heart to share this with you. In case you needed to hear it. Smile and accept who you are and trust that the woman you are becoming is already wonderfully made.

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Ladies, the moment you feel intimidated by man, read this!

There’s a rumor going around that boys are tougher than girls! Oh, please. Can you carry an 8pound baby in your stomach for 9 months and survive hours of labor? Can you cook, clean, and talk on the phone all at the same time? Can you bleed for a week and not die? Can you walk in 5 inch heels? Can you cry all night then wake up the next day like everything is okay?


(I found this floating around on facebook and thought I would share)


Are You Color Blind? Since When Did My Skin Tone Define My Beauty?

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No Boiz Allowed Presents 30 Days of Legs Spring Challenge #Nba30day #30daysoflegs #legsfordays

30daysoflegs copy

30 Day Legs For Days Challenge
Are you ready for Spring? If not, don’t worry. There is still time to get right for the summer. But before summer arrives join us for the month of April in our Legs For Days Challenge. Each day in the month of April, you will dig through your wardrobe and find an outfit made to show off those sexy legs. You are not limited to just skirts and dresses. In fact, it’s up to you to be creative but remember, your legs must be shown. Pull out those shorts, mix and match your prints, and jazzy up those legs. It’s time to show up and show out. This challenge is suitable for any woman. And yes, we had the 9-5ers in mind too.

WINNER: Since this is a challenge, there will indeed be a winner. The winner goes to the lady who completes the most out of her 30 days. Just in case there is a tie, because this is reality and ties happen way too often… We will choose the top 2 winners and there will be a vote off. Yes, a vote off, of your 7 best looks. The No Boiz Allowed viewers will have a chance to vote on their faves and that will determine the winner. The winner will receive a special Spring gift from one of our favorite online boutiques. We will announce the prize soon.

DEADLINE: This challenge is from April 1st – April 30th.
1 winner will be announced on May 4th. If we go into a vote off, the winner will be announced on May 11th. All photos must be submitted by and no later than May 2nd.

RULES: Simply tag #NBA30day on Instagram or Twitter. You may tag us each day, create a collage and tag us each week, etc. or simply email us in your photos as you go or at the end of the month. Email is as follows All photos must be current (in the month of April). Although your birthday outfit was hot last month, it doesn’t count.

GOAL: The idea of this challenge is to get you out of your comfort zone and comfortable in the skin you are in by embracing your sexiness.

FUN: Post this challenge on your blog, instagram, twitter and spread the word. We want more ladies than ever to participate so tag your friends, email them and challenge them to join in with you.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact daja.noboizallowed(at)gmail(dot)com or nba30day@gmail(dot)com

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